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What a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Can Do For Your Legal Practice

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are used for a variety of reasons these days, from accessing different country’s streaming services to downloading, well, “dubious” files. But they were initially created to allow employees of a business to access the company network from home or from the road. Instead of having essential files saved to their device, where they’re quite vulnerable, they are kept in a central location with better security.

The Legal Obstacles Employers Face In Reopening for Business

The push for non-essential businesses to open is gaining momentum. As American employers contemplate reopening, they will face some legal obstacles. Perhaps the biggest concern is the risk that workers will contract COVID-19 after returning to work.

Supreme Court Will Hear Several Significant Cases in May: And We Can All Watch!

The Supreme Court will not reconvene this term to hear oral arguments in person. On April 13, the nation’s highest court announced it will hear remote oral arguments in select cases in May. The 10 remaining cases will be pushed to next term.

Price Gouging May Begin to Cost Retailers

The lawsuits and enforcement actions against alleged price gougers is heating up. State attorneys general have been handling numerous complaints and have indicated a willingness to prosecute offenders. Florida businesses have returned hundreds of thousands of dollars to consumers after complaints about price gouging were filed with the state. Meanwhile, consumers in California and elsewhere are beginning to file class actions against retailers, alleging they are profiting from the pandemic.